Oct 5 2013 PARTY and IndieGoGo Campaign

A new company staging its first play is truly embarking on an intensive grassroots effort. Later, when it gets its legs and builds momentum, financial sponsors fall into place and an audience is built.

It’s these beginnings that are the  greatest labor of love,  when donors are most critical and make the greatest difference. We are committed to bringing brand new plays to you and deeply appreciate your support.

You can find the campaign by clicking on the IndieGoGo  widget to the right of this post  

We also plan to make it fun for you …


night for


October 5

Saturday Oct. 5th,7-10 pm

Luck & Levity Brew Shop

118 Court Street, New Haven

live      music      film      poetry      performance

Come to our celebration on October 5.

Enjoy libations,music, film, live performances, a theater quiz and win crazy prizes.

It’s free – give if you can or just come have fun and help us spread the word.


Thanks for being a great audience 



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